Next steps

If you are a kindred spirit, after you have read our website, you will want to know how you can help. Here are some suggestions:

  • Pray
  • Spread the word. Please like and share our Gab page and our Facebook page. Thanks! See the bottom of the home page for several social media shortcuts.
  • Join our core team to complete the development of the constitution and covenant. Please message us, below, to discuss joining our development team. Thanks! Our core team consists of people who agree with the “Navigate Scripture” articles. That way, we can focus on the main topic, rather than being significantly distracted on side tracks, or even derailed.
  • Develop societies and institutions that will serve the nation:
              – These services ideally would serve many nations, including existing ones, so start now.
              – It is best that several competing service vendors are available to provide variation and resilience, so there is no need to wait for top-down coordination.
  • Prepare to build. Who then is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the LORD? 1 Chronicles 29:5
  • We are not asking for donations! At the same time, we know some will want to help with the expenses. We fully expect this will be an investment opportunity. We intend to account any donations — of time, talent, treasure, or touch — as shares in such equity. If you like, you may contact us below to contribute. Thanks!
  • We are asking for consortium enrollment! Even without coming to Oklahoma, you can help by joining the consortium. In order to make peaceful progress towards building this new society, we need to take it step by step. The next step is to form a consortium of those who agree with the principles of True Liberty, and purchase land. No money is changing hands until we agree there is enough earmarked funds available to make an offer. In other words, once we have enough support, then we can purchase the land together. We are not looking for donations or loans, but co-owners.Join now

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